Parallel stories of broken relationships between parents and their children striving for
the American Dream all revolving around one explosive night at a fast food joint.

Confused and frustrated by his rejection from the US Marines, 19-year-old Dylan clashes with his older sister, Rose. Meanwhile, driven by guilt and loneliness, 43-year-old fast food worker Celine tries in vain to convince her far-away son that she’s becoming successful in America. 21-year-old Sean grapples with his aimlessness, turning to the comforts of drugs and alcohol.

Unbeknownst to them, these four lives will soon come together in a violent clash at the Sunny Meals drive-thru when Sean’s drug-bender takes a sinister turn, forever changing the trajectories of their lives, their careers, and their relationships.

The film explores the desires for control, identity and family, as we intimately follow these characters during the day leading up to the incident.


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